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PrEPUp! Collaborative

BPS’s PrEP-Up Quality Improvement Collaborative is a platform that brings together a total of 23 facilities from both Blantyre District and Blantyre City to work on improving the uptake of PrEP as an HIV prevention intervention in Blantyre.

The PrEP-Up QI Collaborative is the first Quality Improvement (QI) Collaborative under the BPS Project, and it focuses on increasing the uptake of PrEP in Blantyre, with a particular focus on building capacities at facilities level to implement quality improvement approaches in HIV prevention service provision.

With the capacity that has been embedded at health facilities that offer PrEP services in Blantyre, those facilities are able to identify gaps in the administration of PrEP and other HIV prevention services, and use that information to improve service delivery.

One important component of the PrEP-Up QI Collaborative is the routine learning sessions that the Project, through MaiKhanda as a consortium partner organize. These learning sessions are aimed at bringing together all the 23 facilities, and enable them to share lessons and good practices on improving the quality of HIV prevention services at facility level, with a particular focus on increasing the uptake of PrEP. These sessions give facilities an opportunity of learning from one another on how best to apply quality improvement methods and strategies to close the gaps that they identify at their respective facilities.

So far, there has been a total of four learning sessions, with the most recent one conducted on 3-5 May at Victoria Hotel in Blantyre.