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Konda BT – Konda Moyo: Building Capabilities for Demand Creation

Under the component of demand creation, one of the capabilities that the BPS project is helping to embed into the local structures is the ability to plan and implement health communication and messaging campaigns. As a Consortium Partner, Family Health Services (formerly PSI) is supporting the district and city health offices to strengthen their capabilities in creating demand for HIV prevention services, as well as achieving sustained use through Human-centered Design and Health Communication activities.

FHS uses the Konda BT – Konda Moyo Campaign as a platform where Health Promotion Office teams can learn hands-on the necessary skills in planning and implementing a health communications campaign. Under this campaign, District or City Health Promotion Offices, through Facility Event Planning Committees organize outreach activities at their facilities. FSH then supports the committees with technical expertise on how to plan and implement a health communication and messaging campaign. The expertise includes such issues as activity mix, how to tailor messages to the targeted audiences, the right speakers, as well as which services to be provided in the course of the activity. The final product of these exercises is the actual activity undertaken at the facility.

In the month of April 2023, FHS supported the Event Planning Committees at Bangwe, Chirimba and Mdeka Facilities to organize human-centered design and health communication activities at those facilities.