The Blantyre Prevention Strategy (BPS), launched on 1st May 2020 as a ‘business unusual’, is a systems-based approach to HIV prevention aimed at building the capabilities needed at district level to detect and target risk, generate demand, effectively deliver current and emerging HIV prevention products and interventions, and support effective and sustained use of prevention products by the end user.


Data Pipeline

An insight into our ‘data pipeline’ which  pulls in existing and novel data sources into user-centered dashboards of synthesized information for informed decision making through the Prevention Adaptive Learning and Management System (PALMS).


Strengthening Institutions

One of the ways through which BPS is strengthening institutions in Blantyre District is by training local leaders such as ward councillors to be able to work with their communities to improve the uptake of novel and existing HIV prevention services.

Councillor Leonard Chimbanga of Soche South East Ward speaks more on how BPS has empowered him and fellow councillors to support HIV prevention interventions.